January Newsletter

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Happy Healthy New Yearpeace-heart

From all of us at the Fresh Sourdough Express

We wish to Thank You for signing up for our monthly newsletter and most importantly, gratitude for being such a loyal customer.

Each Month we will send out a newsletter/blog, updating you on any changes, special events, hours etc. At the end of each newsletter, we offer some “tips of the trade” and “food news.” This info is intended to give you greater insight into our business and to encourage more folks to eat a diet that is healthier for people and the planet. We know everyone is busy and we appreciate you taking the time to check out this month’s publication. You can always opt out. We honor and appreciate customer feedback so please feel free to send us any suggestions or comments;
We are here to serve you.

Our wonderful winter team consists of: Jonney, Josh, Victoria, Julia, and Shannon. We are thrilled to have such a caring staff that chooses to keep the Sourdough humming this winter. Kevin and I are back and forth from Hawaii to Homer. We are helping to run the show from across the Pacific. If you find yourself on the Big Island please look us up.

This is our first winter open since 1992! We wish to Thank You for coming in and encouraging us!

Winter Hours ******

OPEN 9am-3pm
Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays
Friday Night Pizza Hours 5-8pm with live music
Sunday Brunch 9am-3pm -Live music starting at 11am
Serving the best breakfast in town all day

Come Check out our New Winter Comfort Food Lunch Menu

Featuring Organic Valley Cheese, Humanely Raised and Alaskan Meats
Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free Options
For more updated information please like us on Face Book. Here you will find who is playing music on Friday Night Pizza and Sunday Brunch.

$10 Daily Customer Appreciation Meal

You will also see what specials are coming out of the kitchen and bakery.

If you are a musician or know someone who would enjoy playing in a smoke free, friendly environment, please let us know. It’s a nurturing place to play.
Tips are good and so are the complementary meals.
When the Sourdough is busy, we add generously to the tip jar.

Bring your own Cup *Save a Buck $ & help the Planet

Use your cup with any to-go drink including; smoothies, milkshakes, espresso drinks, all hot beverages and even fresh juice from our juice bar and save a buck!

1 “Tips of the Trade” and “Food News”
If only you knew the effects of the Trash and the Impact of Food Service.
Each year Americans still throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups and that many to-go containers. 500 years from now, the Styrofoam will still be in a landfill.
This number does not count the questionable compostable cups and to-go containers. Americans spend 10% of their disposable income on fast food every year! That is a lot of to-go cups and containers.

At the Fresh Sourdough Express we have continued to do our best to help be part of the solution. In 32 years of being in business we have never used Styrofoam, we continue to recycle whatever possible and compost all our scraps with local farmers.
We encourage you to bring your own cup and to-go containers whenever you go out to eat.

Getting local food in Alaska in the winters is challenging to say the least. To prepare for winter, using local farmers produce, we made fermented Sauerkraut and pickles. Most of the ginger, turmeric and avocados come from our organic farm in Hawaii which we bring back when we come to visit.

Benefits of Beets
Beets are nature’s Viagra they are high in many vitamins and minerals, are a greater cleanser for the body terrific for your mental health. Beets are used as a stomach acid tester and offer a high source of energy Ask about our Beet Blaster juice special featuring beets from Rob.
For more info: http://www.fullcircle.com/goodfoodlife/2012/05/10/6-health-benefits-of-eating-beets/

Did you know we have a commercial juicer and now offer a variety of organic juices?

Thanks for taking the time to read our first monthly Newsletter. Just a little reminder to make healthier choices for you and the planet. Say no too, to-go containers, and strive to add more vegetables in your diet are a plus for the planet and your health.

We appreciate you!

Gratitude to those who have started to bring their own cups and to-go containers.