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November 26, 2013
Fresh Sourdough Café to Open Again
Source: Homer News

The original 30-year [owners] of the Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and Cafe, Kevin and Donna Maltz, will be reopening the Bakery & Café in the spring of 2014 and it will be better than ever.

It has been a challenging time for us over the past year. We learned a lot when we sold our business for the first time — the sale did not work out and we own the café again. Fortunately, some of our amazing staff members that have been part of the team for years have already committed to return for the 2014 season and we are grateful.

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September 28, 2013
Fermenting Vegetables for Healthy Bodies
Source: Kohala Mountain News

Do you enjoy pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee, and other pickled vegetables? There are many reasons to make your own, a fun and easy process that turns vegetables into probiotic-laden, health-promoting, delicious condiments. And making your own is much cheaper and more delicious than anything you can buy in the grocery store.

To learn how to do it, about 40 people attended a free hands-on workshop given by Donna Maltz, chef and wellness coach, September 14 at the Kohala Intergenerational Center. Donna described the benefits of eating these fermented probiotic rich vegetables and then supervised as teams of students chopped and grated vegetables and created their own flavor combinations with freshly harvested Hawaiian sea salt, a variety of fresh herbs and exotic spices. Donna explained the details of making a safe and delicious fermented product and how to care for their new health-promoting living organisms. Everyone got to leave with at least a jar or two.

Donna also detailed the many health benefits of eating fermented vegetables, which add natural probiotics loaded with healthy bacteria and enzymes to the digestive system: strengthens immune systems; aids digestion of carbohydrates and protein; helps assimilate nutrients in food; restores healthy intestinal flora; cures constipation; cleans the colon of undigested waste; helps fight cancer; and promotes a healthy pH balance in the body.

The art of fermentation is an ancient one, developed alongside agriculture, in order to preserve vegetables. Unfortunately, industrial processing kills the live probiotic organisms of fermented vegetables, so that even the most expensive pickles and sauerkraut from the grocery store are void of all these health Fermenting Vegetables for Healthy Bodies benefits.

Fortunately fermenting vegetables in your kitchen is easy. Just a few tips Donna passed on to us:

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July 4, 2012
30 Years of Success
Source: Homer News

“Party of the summer” was how the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center advertised the monthly mixer held last week at Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and Café, a 30-year Homer business owned by Donna and Kevin Maltz. Judging by the delicious refreshments, socially responsible emphasis and testimonial-giving crowd, the description hit the bull’s eye.

Tables were covered with samples of foods for which the bakery and café has become known. There were wines provided by Homer’s Bear Creek Winery, owned by Bill and Dorothy Fry. Live music performed by Homer musician Anna Kilcher provided a soft backdrop to conversation among the standing-room-only gathering.

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May 8, 2012
Fermenting With Donna Maltz!
Source: Food Hub Kohala

Donna Maltz shared some of her favorite recipes, and lots of exciting facts on the nutritious and beneficial qualities of fermented vegetables! Mahalo!

Watch these delicious and informative videos to learn more!

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May 19, 2010
Fresh Sourdough Express Owners Earn 2010 Small Business Award
Source: Homer News

What began as a six-loaf bread oven sitting on a handcrafted trailer towed by a laundry truck has led to Donna and Kevin Maltz, owners of Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and Café, receiving the Small Business Administration’s 2010 Alaska Small Business Owners of the Year Award.”This confirms that being a socially responsible business pays off,” said Donna Maltz of her and husband Kevin’s business model that minimizes “the carbon footprint of a wasteful food service industry, while remaining profitable.”

“’Triple bottom line’ is the new catch phrase, but my business practices have been that: doing what’s good for ecology, economy and the community. The business was started for the right reasons, to help bring the community together and help give people opportunities, jobs,” she said. “You can say it’s the right place at the right time, but it’s about the right reasons.”

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April 28, 2010
U.S. Small Business Administration Alaska District Selects 2010 Alaskan Small Businesses Person of the Year
Source: Alaska Business Monthly

HOMER ALASKA: The U.S. Small Business Administration is pleased to announce that Donna and Kevin Maltz, owners of Sourdough Express Bakery & Café in Homer Alaska will be honored as one of the Nation’s Top State Small Business Winners in Washington May 23-25, 2010 for the National Small Business of the Year Awards. Merging a successful business with sound environmentally sustainable practices is becoming more and more important in today’s economic and ecological conditions.

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August 13, 2008
Alaska-Themed Children’s Cookbook Encourages Kids to “Eat Responsibly”
Source: Homer News

How do you teach children about the high-minded concepts of environmental protection, wildlife preservation and sustainable living? According to Donna Maltz, co-owner of Homer’s Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and Cafe and author of “Yummy Recipes, Wilderness Wonders”, the answer is to make it fun.

“Yummy Recipes, Wilderness Wonders”, first published as “Ah!mazing Recipes For Kids and Adults” in 1993 and recently re-released with a new design and updated information, is an Alaska-themed children’s cookbook that encourages its young readers to “eat responsibly” while they prepare the recipes inside. Its 32 pages are filled with kid-friendly kitchen instruction, facts about Alaska wildlife, original illustrations by Arturo Moreno and a new cover by Homer artist Dan Coe.

“This is timeless information. It’s an ageless book with an ageless message,” said Maltz.

That message is to think about things like gardening, farming and shipping methods when you prepare to eat a meal. The book explains it to kids this way:

“Try to imagine what our planet was like before humans came along. What changes have happened since your great-grandparents were your age? Did they grow their own food? What kind of food did they eat and why? What kind of grocery stores did they shop in? Can you imagine what our planet will be like in 50 years? Maybe your mom and dad can help you answer these questions.”

Maltz, who first arrived in Homer 26 years ago in a green 1972 bread wagon that still sits in front of the Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and Cafe on Lake St., has always been passionate about organic food and sustainable food preparation. Her restaurant, which she runs with her husband Kevin, was the first restaurant in Alaska to be certified “green” by the Green Restaurant Association and the menu there features organic food that is Alaska grown.

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Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and Restaurant in Homer (Review)
Source: Frommer’s

Ebullient Donna and Kevin Maltz’s organic eatery is quintessential Homer, starting with its motto: “Food for people and the planet.” But there’s no New Age dogma here. The Sourdough Express is fun and tasty, even as it grinds its own grain and recycles everything in sight. An inexpensive lunch menu includes many vegetarian choices, as well as hearty sandwiches. The evening menu includes many specials, elaborate dishes, including huge portions of local seafood with rich sauces, and, perhaps more remarkably, simple, solid choices, too, for those who don’t want to spend a lot. All-you-can-eat crab is served from 3 to 8pm. Families will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and the big sandbox and an old van out front where kids can play while you wait for your meal. Stop by on the way to the harbor for a brown bag lunch you will need for a charter fishing trip. Don’t miss dessert from the made-from-scratch bakery.

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